OUR FIRM | Corporate Profile

Founded in 1996, Northern Capital is a specialized institutional investment management firm singularly focused on the fixed income market. We work behind the scenes to support many of the nation's top independent investment advisor and broker-dealer networks. We empower advisors with portfolio management expertise, strategies, research, trade execution, and with private label resources designed to reinforce their brand and their position in the marketplace as industry experts.

OUR FIRM | Corporate Culture
Objectivity & Transparency

Our deep commitment to clients and their interests is built into our business model. We do not conduct proprietary trading. We do not distribute proprietary products, underwrite, or sell from a single firm inventory, so our clients are not regarded as a distribution channel. Since we are institutional-only, we do not compete for the same customers as our clients. We are product agnostic. Acting as a riskless principal, our pricing is transparent.

An exception to the typical broker-dealer model, our business practices are designed so that our interests are closely aligned with those of our clients.

OUR FIRM | Competitive Advantage
Innovation & Technology

Northern Capital has developed proprietary, leading-edge technologies that modernize the management of individual bond portfolios. This allows us to produce and maintain custom, advisor-defined portfolios that are quantified, predictatable and repeatable. These technical advancements create dynamic efficiencies that lead to better processes, rapid scalability, increasing operating efficiencies and lower costs.

OUR FIRM | Service Model
Specialized Expertise

We blend our leading-edge quantitative analysis with experienced qualitative insights. Our approach is highly consultative. Advisors are supported by our team of multi-disciplinary specialists that leverage decades of collective experience in fixed income portfolio management, strategies, research and trading.

OUR FIRM | Value Proposition
Why Partner with Us?

Advisors considering internal fixed income investment management must have adequate resources beyond electronic market access in order to effectively compete with external managers and to fulfill their fiduciary responsibility.

Northern Capital positions advisors with all the resources necessary to effectively compete with external managers without paying an external management fee. Advisors maintain flexibility over investment strategies, full control over the advisor-client relationship and benefit from considerable fee-savings than they may achieve with external investment management.

OUR FIRM - Registrations
Registration Identifiers
U.S. SEC File Number: 8-49130
FINRA CRD Number: 40659
Market Participant ID: NORC
DTC Clearing ID: 0235
MSRB ID: A4890
FINS ID Number: 007781
LEI: 254900ZANH7XTB94LS53

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