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Today, markets are rapidly evolving, expanding in size, scope and complexity. For most organizations, the costs to internally manage individual bond Separately Managed Accounts are increasingly prohibitive. To fulfill fiduciary responsibilities to clients, and to remain competitive, organizations must re-think their operating models to identify new ways to improve efficiency, increase scalability, and control costs.

Northern Capital partners with advisors to develop, implement, and maintain custom portfolio strategies using both taxable and tax-exempt individual bonds. Northern Capital’s mySMA™ program provides all the powerful resources advisors need to internally manage their own fixed income SMAs.

We work closely with advisors to quantify portfolio constraints such as minimum rating, number of holdings, duration, maturity distribution, sector allocation and interest rate biases. The list of constraints that may be applied is numerous and comprehensive. From this mathematical framework, we implement a robust, scalable, and repeatable process that ensures client assets are managed precisely in-line with advisors' expectations.

  • No upfront costs or management fees
  • Investment strategies are defined by you and tailored to each individual customer.
  • We proactively monitor portfolios for material events.
  • Your customer relationships remain exclusive. We have no contact with your customers.
  • Private lable portfolio reporting includes proposals, analysis reports, strategic rebalancing, cash flows, sector analysis, tax-loss harvesting, horizon analysis and more.
  • Our interaction with you is personalized. Our team of experienced, multi-disciplinary specialists are accessible and accountable.

Because Northern Capital’s mySMA™ program is provided without upfront costs or management fees, the program offers advisors and their clients compelling value relative to mutual funds, ETFs, or external SMA managers.


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mySMA™ Program

Northern Capital’s mySMA™ program is an easy cost-effective way to offer your clients sophisticated internally-managed bond SMAs. The mySMA™ program gives you the resources, control, and confidence you need to effectively compete with outside SMA managers without the management fees.

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