Stephen G. Rye

SOLUTIONS | Institutional Asset Management
Complex investment challenges require specialized management solutions.
Advanced specialization is a defining characteristic of our firm. We are practiced at developing and implementing custom portfolio strategies that seek to meet evolving and complex client needs. With decades of expertise in fixed income portfolio management, strategies, research and trading, we are experienced at navigating economic cycles and through periods of peak market volatility.

SOLUTIONS | Institutional Asset Management
Our Investment Process
Today, the bond market is rapidly evolving. The accelerated pace of technology innovation has given rise to an evolution in fixed income portfolio management.

Our investment process is supported by our leading-edge technologies that modernize the management of individual bond portfolios. We quantify portfolio strategy characteristics, objectives and parameters. From this framework, we apply our portfolio optimization analytics. Driven by powerful algorithms, we systematically solve for portfolio constraint attributions, portfolio strategy characteristics and optimal pricing using live investable securities data.

This highly-scalable approach is used to guide our experienced portfolio managers in the process of portfolio construction, ongoing portfolio analysis and periodic rebalancing. Our process is designed to produce predictable, repeatable results that precisely match client-defined customized portfolio strategy characteristics.

SOLUTIONS | Sub Advisory
Sub Advisory Solutions
Financial institutions can often benefit from assistance in establishing the operational infrastructure and technical resources needed to implement specialized portfolio strategies and structures.

Working behind the scenes, Northern Capital partners with financial institutions to develop, implement, and maintain custom portfolio strategies using individual bonds. Services are offered on a private label basis. Our sub advisory solutions can help strengthen risk management and governance practices, improve efficiency, increase scalability, and control costs.

Stephen G. Rye
SOLUTIONS | Institutional Asset Management
Optimization of Risk-Adjusted Returns
In many segments of the bond market, risk increases at a faster pace than return. This can manifest in credit, duration, embedded volatility, and liquidity.

Identifying and analyzing risk on a granular level requires powerful data science capabilities. Approaches rooted in artificial intelligence and machine learning are now emerging making it possible to discover and interpret data faster, and more efficiently. Advanced data-driven portfolio optimization guides our decision-making.

Our strategy is fundamentally one of optimizing, rather than maximizing. Our strategies are intended to achieve optimal risk-adjusted returns, diversified across multiple dimensions, fortified by fundamental research and quantitative modelling.


Michael P. Marchetti
SOLUTIONS | Trade Execution
Sourcing Bonds and Liquidity

Northern Capital has been providing competitive trade execution to institutional investors for more than 25 years. Our seasoned trading staff has established hundreds of counterparty dealer relationships over the past two decades. Built on many years of trust, they remain a vital source of bonds and liquidity. In addition, Northern Capital has developed innovative market aggregation technologies to source bonds and liquidity from a broad composite of ECN and ATS markets. Combined, our approach to trading blends experienced qualitative insights with innovative technologies where market access and pricing efficiencies can be maximized.


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